Virginie Poitras
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Montréal, Ville-Marie, Canada
Last online: 1 year ago
I like to work with different materials to explore the possibilities they offer. Paper, wood, wool, fabric, concrete, watercolour, flour, ink; so much to create with my surroundings. Friends say I'm sensible, open minded, have a wild imagination and I discovered they are right. I care about the environnement; people and trees. I hope I will always work to improve the quality of our living environment. I draw a lot and I was invited to participate in collective exhibition in January 2015 in Montréal. Selling my artwork was a bit weird at first, but I enjoyed the whole experience. I participated in another collective exhibition in July 2016 titled Miniature. It fits perfectly with my style. Very detailed drawing, so detailed that people sometimes look at it with a magnifying glass! I've studied architecture for 9 years and worked in architecture firms as well. But working on a computer all day long was not concrete enough for me. I enrolled at a woodworking school and will be starting next January. I can't wait to get my hands on new projects!
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