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Chennai, Park Town, India
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Vinod is a Singer, Music Teacher and Voice Culture Trainer in Chennai. He Hails from a musical family, and he is very much passionate about music and singing.He has undergone the vocal music training since at the age of 5 from his very own grandparents P.Narayanaswamy and P.Vaidhyanathan a well known and renowned T.V and A.I.R graded musicians from Kerala. He is now running Nadha Sangamamam Music Academy which provides vocal music and instrumental training and prepares the students for the Bridge Academy 8 grade System for the below subjects: *Carnatic Music -Vocal,,Violin, *Western Music -Keyboard,Guitar, *Drawing & Painting, *Tamil Folk Music Achievements on Singing =================== *Sung for various Musical Stage Shows *Music Composing & programming *Experience in song recordings *Sung for Music Albums & Short Films *Voice over artist Achievements on Profession ===================== 1. Voice trainer for SUN Singer contestants: Rakthaksh,Sahana, Sai Gayathri and Pratheesha 2. Judge for the PSBB School Talent Hunt Singing Competition - April 2015 3. Judge for the Grand Nightingale - July 2015 Singing Competition 4. Judge for the Golden Voice of Chennai -A Light Music Voice Hunt organised by the Rotary Club of Nanganallur - Sept 2015 5. Judge for Internal Singing Competition for RR Donnelley - Sept 2015 6. Have organised and conducted Workshops on Voice Culture Training and its awareness in various cities in Tamil Nadu and Kerala Vocal Music,Violin, Guitar and Voice Culture Training classes are conducted 1.VOCAL MUSIC ============ Vocal Music undertaken for the following categories: *Basics,intermediate and advanced levels of Carnatic Music - Well experienced music teacher with more than 15 years of experience in teaching -Training Students for grade Exams Conducted by Bridge Academy & Kalasangamam 2.VIOLIN ======= Violin classes undertaken for the following categories: *Basics,intermediate and advanced level - Well experienced music teacher with more than 15 years of experience in teaching -Training Students for grade Exams Conducted by Bridge Academy & Kalasangamam 3.GUITAR ======= Guitar classes undertaken for the following categories *Basics,intermediate and advanced level -Trinity Guildhall Guitar,Music Theory Grade Exam preparation -Well experienced music teacher with more than 10 years of experience in teaching Guitar - Acoustic and Electric guitar - Western classical guitar - Theory of music - Students prepared for Trinity examination 4.SINGING CLASSES (Devotional Songs) ============================= *Tamil and Malayalam Devotional\Classical songs *Tamil and Malayalam Movie Songs *Tamil and Malayalam Light Music\Orchestra Training 5.VOICE CULTURE TRAINING ====================== Trainer: Vinod Voice Culture Training helps to improve, develop and maintain the voice to sing pleasantly and aesthetically present the musical knowledge of a person.This special focused training helps to meet various singing demands like studio recording, T.V reality shows,Live stage shows,Light music\orchestra stage performance and music teaching. Currently undertaking voice training for . Please visit the course and the gallery section to know about more details. We welcome and call upon all music enthusiasts, singing aspirants, students of Music, beginners,kids, singers,music teachers, to take up this Voice Culture Training program and get benefited. Home tuition and Online classes are taken through Skype. What are the requirements? *No Special Skills Required *Daily Practice Is Highly Recommended What am I going to get from this course? *Properly warm up the voice to sound amazing *Open up the voice and expand your vocal range *Improve Vocal Tone *Strengthen The Voice What is the target audience? *Beginning Singers *Intermediate Singers *Advanced Singers *Professional Singers Exclusive Voice Culture Training Workshops also conducted upon request for the below candidates upon request. *Students of Music *Professional Singers and Music Teachers *Untrained Light Music Singers About Our Studio and Training Facility: *Air-Conditioned training room with studio recording arrangements *Wifi enabled *Students get the real live experience of studio recording and playback singing *Practice sessions along with karaoke music tracks *Live recording sessions using studio set-up Note: ==== All vocal and instrument students on various categories will get the below chances: *Create their demo profile and share it online through social networks like FaceBook, YouTube & SoundCloud. *Our students will be sent for various competitions across city organised by our academy. * Our students also will be encouraged to participate in various singing programs across city and outside city organised by our academy. Freelance guidance,coaching and practice sessions for singing in School\College\Corporate level cultural programs can be undertaken upon request. https://www.urbanpro.com/chennai/vinod/2014613 https://soundcloud.com/vinod-singer https://www.facebook.com/voiceculturechennai