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Adelaide, Australia
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● Dance and ocarina performer. I dance and play ocarina at the same time.
● Dance choreographer. I love to create various dance choreography.
● Dance styles: Tambourine Dance, Modern Jazz, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Chinese Pop, English Pop, Korean Pop, Japanese Para-Para, Irish, and Chinese Classical. I am keen to learn other dance styles and incorporate various styles and props, like tambourine, hula-hoop, ball, scarf, etc in the dance choreography.
● Music videos production. In 2018, I choreographed six dances incorporating basic tennis techniques and produced six dance videos to help children to learn to play tennis and dance.
● Dance teaching. I taught my peers to dance and I created dance lessons videos.
● Music leader and chorister. I selected hymns, conducted music, organized choir and choir singing at church.
● Stage performance management, coordination and leadership. I coordinated and facilitated the stage performance of a middle school boys’ group for the Christmas Concert in 2015. They danced, rapped and did beat boxing.
● Singing pop songs. I recorded singing covers and uploaded on YouTube.
● Lyrics writing. I wrote the lyrics for a pop song before.
● Story writing. I wrote children stories.
● Illustration (e.g., fashion, children book, cards, mugs, etc). I have illustrated a children book for children and adults who are ill and it is called “Love Heals”. I also illustrated other children books. Since 2016, I illustrated cards and gave the cards to patients in the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Women and Children’s Hospital annually.

Industry Experience:
Media & Entertainment, Professional Services