Straight from the couch(acepella)

Published by Vivek Verma


i dont know but i feel like to do an acepella so i came up with this :).. LYRICS:- nowadays i feel like to be do an acepella who you me i am yer scooby doo i like my girl in mascara no to tighties i even like you in classic clad , a magic seraph cut the beat off lemme choke the mic off in a bloody environment in a verbal war u mistook me for some answer when i was having some hard time was makin me weaken freezing my mind,nothin was happening so right but i can bet ya oneday or someday ill be steering world wide i was too cool at school and good kid to boycott the rule and some of us fools to rude when teacher walk into the room ridicilous too when talk with an attitude like dyed in the wool wait she fuckin playin peekaboo hold on it dude stright outta the holy water my sin is jumpin outta the water bottle i can bet my bottom doller when i follow my motto i cant rescue my patince like dalai lama auto- matic imma static rap addict no magic in mathmatic a headache m manic stan all i know cuddle and coddle 2 my role model in the game he's frenetic spring to autumn mic check one two im jovieal yo chill chop a vicoddin and sleep well dream will let ya see how the world spinin excuse me if i am acting weird with this doggerel nah i am back to attack with sharp pointed edge in ass weak,imma big evil i just beat up a pedophile cus a women complaint a file i tied him up couple of feet above the ground and lit up a fire across his leg and set an example somebody please water my ire imma mind blower but my cup is empty to runneth over i dont know much but m toward in the way of sucess ,a sword of war you call yer ego an atitude no its fuckin tell yer lattitude with a magnitude and it just makin you run outta the fuel few of you fuckin fool umm allergic to camera ,its a sodom and gomarah and spittin on selfies and makin fun of uhh i aint criticing anyone just be yourself execute what u wanna be for today and may tomorow wow heres spectacular dracula fangs outta my jaw back with a intention to cut off yer vocal chord and cadio vascular raw dont try to check my patience , i wreck it in a second with the weapon m wicked shaken everybody choke their neck end and coffin them basement thats what i understand man if you dont like the new me u better in my way out to get the fuck off damn i really love my dame she's so fuckin cute 10/10 fuckin men its straight from the couch gooood byeee peaacee... shit music left me brainwashed kid. #audio #rap #uv #nexus #dehradun #vivek #verma #indian

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