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Suite for the Mad noTart (Vivian Elliott) @Vivianisnotart on the internet Written in fall/winter 2010 - Released in 2015 *Notes:* This was originally designed to be distributed on vinyl for use by dj's amateur or professional. The record would have come with instructions: "Play this record. Play with this record. Sometimes the world is too loud, and sometimes it's deafeningly silent. I made you a toy- mix this with itself, put other music over it. But don't stop there. Sample it, remix it, make entire new songs and maybe even groundbreaking and fame-inducing albums off of it. Before you know it, you'll feel all better - have forgotten why you wanted to jump off that bridge or eat all those drugs - and you've got something to show for it! Please take care and feel better. This is only now. *A gift to you!*" I still encourage this usage. Anyways, that explains why each track is so long and sometimes has some open gaps. Also, I didn't know how to filter yet so I just had to through-write and orchestrate everything in and out like a goddamn classical composer or something. Just please credit the work if you use it for derivitative works- and PLEASE tag/mention/contact me when you post it so I can promote for you! Created in its entirety using FruityLoops Studio 7 with stock samples and vst's (primarily the 3xosc, my favorite toy) on a PC running Windows XP #audio #Edm #Electronic #notated #Dance #Idm #Experimental #Ep #Epic

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