Saved Time and Efficiency for Monthly Credit Card ADS stuffed in Credit Card Statements -100+ Cards

Published by WebMTM Dan Blana

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US Bank (USbancorp) Systems Engineering Services (contracting agency) Monthly Credit Card ADS stuffed in Credit Card Statements for 100+ national cards Dan was assigned an important project for the entire US Bank Credit Card System. It was to take a mostly manual monthly process that took over a month to do and convert it to an automated month-or-less process. The process requirements were to convert paper text advertisements from several departments for up to 100 different credit card brands all over the USA and run them on the mainframe printers to stuff with the monthly statements. Analyst Dan, while consulting with various department heads/liaisons, quite ingeniously, developed Excel spreadsheets so all departments had a common entry method. Then a macro could automatically transfer the data, entered by each department liaison, to a mainframe-ready printable format. This process saved many days and met the monthly deadline. When honed to a fine-tuned process it exceeded the monthly process by weeks. Dan was given a bonus and a leather SES engraved brief case for his find work on the intricate process. #Analyst #Programmer

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