Mein Wasser Ist Schmutzig

Published by Wet Dentist

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MEIN WASSER IST SCHMUTZIG (2014) from "Baby Dragons" those aren't real clouds in the traditional sense. mister, we've already had some earthquakes. they say right here's gonna be beachfront property and with it will come the horseflies and teenagers with their madison avenue accessories. mein wasser ist schmutzig. a one gig hard drive the year i first used a computer costs $319,000. what do you mean this isn't covered by my policy? that company's fracking caused it. now they're naming winter storms, what's next? what did you say the deductible for this is? 3% of the dwelling value? what's 3% of $135,000? oh my god, i'm ruined. mein wasser ist schmutzig. the ocean creeps closer, compartmentalized into kafkaesque locations that can only be neutralized by the robot dance by the robot dance. where do they dump all the dead computers now? where do they dump all the dead computers now? we've had the secret monsoons and more secret monsoons are on the way. what is

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