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Avon Park, United States
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William BISHIP Graves

There is a world of underground artists, of all genres, ranging from all ages and coming from a variety of societies, backgrounds and cultures. But there is one thing all underground artists have in common and that is the true love of music. They are very passionate about their music and their lyrics come from the heart. Often you find yourself listening to a true life story or event that has effected the artist and they are sharing that moment with you through their music.

William BISHIP Graves, born December 12, in Harrisonburg, VA, is an underground artist with much love and respect for music and this game. His drive and love of the craft, sets him apart from other artists and his goals and visions are like no other. BISHIP's family is musically inclined, so it was only natural that music as always been a part of BISHIP's life and instilled in him. At the age of 11, BISHIP knew he was going to be an artist and even more so, have a huge part of the music industry.

BISHIP has done several collabs with underground artists from all over the world and released many mixtapes. In September of 2012, BISHIP became a part of a group named "THE CRASH UNIT." For various reasons, the team had to part and go their separate ways, but still released the mixtape "LOST." BISHIP was involved with several radio blogs, but in November of 2012, became a huge part of a worldwide radio show called "LEKSIII Productions" BISHIP helped this show grow (literally from ground up.) He spent several hours and days promoting, bringing new artists to the show and introducing them to this movement. In 2010, BISHIP established his own record label, MOB oUt ENT., so he is very familiar with weeding through and finding talented artists that are as dedicated to the game as he is. BISHIP does not hold back on anything, won't allow someone else to bring him or his team down, therefore will discontinue doing business with artist that do not contribute 100% of their time and energy. In January of 2013, BISHIP became a signed artist to record label "Cos Records" (Chasing our Success) Since then, BISHIP has released two mixtapes, United Powers and The Rebirth. He is currently working with underground rock band, Flatland Hills and has huge plans for this collaboration of two different genres.

Today, BISHIP is working hard and seeks every opportunity and steps necessary to move to the next level. The passion for music is his life and will not go down without fighting. He is very creative and is constantly looking outside the box. BISHIP has and will be coming up with something everyone will enjoy, tap their toes to and bob their heads. BISHIP is filled with words of wisdom that flow through his music and touches the hearts of listeners. BISHIP has come a long way, but that is only because he believes in himself and strives for the best and will not give up on what he loves.....music. He gets a mental focus, plants both feet on the ground and gets it in. Be on the look out for what BISHIP has to show the world. BISHIP will become a household name!

~written by Sherry Meyers, dictated by William BISHIP Graves

    uniE603 #BARZ (a lil something for the fanz)
    uniE603 Time (Biship ft. L'Tic)(produced by Ricardo Young
    uniE603 07 - WHEN I RIDE ft Jack NaughtYz courtesy of TheFrenchConnection (FWremix) prod by ScarecrowBeats -
    uniE603 Last Time SHOT BONEZ AND BISHIP
    uniE603 Fallin--SHOT BONEZ ft. BISHIP
    uniE603 08 - NO MERCY NaughtY feat Biship