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YOUNG HUMAN aka | Mr. Max Gordienko | - Ukrainian mime, director and
singer. ( Style : electronica , funk , nu -disco , dance - pop , hip - hop )
Born May 14, 1987 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Maxim’s sports career began when he was 5 years old. Parents began to take the
boy to gymnastics in the “Vanguard” Youth Sports complex in Kiev. Later ,he
received a second adult category.

When the boy was 12, he began studying Taekwondo by the Honored coach of
Ukraine Igor Chekhov.

Within 5 years, has received numerous awards and diplomas in competitions.

Has a blue belt.

Dance career began with break- dance genre (breaking, break-dance, b-boying)
under the pseudonym of b-boy plasticine (clay).

In 2003 he entered the Kiev State College of Circus and Variety Arts at the
Faculty of pantomime.

Occupation: Actor of plastic theater and cinema.

During the training period also mastered various dance genres and took singing
classes, participated in various festivals, appeared in films and commercials.

In 2008, Maxim Gordienko put into life his eccentric number "The story”,
combining mime and circus direction with acrobatics, it was a solo directorial
debut number.

Diploma work brought success to him as an artist, with further invitation to
TV - projects, parties and shows.

Was member of the following dance groups:

“Kiev modern ballet”

“Free – art”

Was choreographer and director for Ukrainian pop singers.

Worked with the trio Golden Stars (comedy circus show, with elements of
classical dance and break - dance) in Belgium ,Turkey and Ukraine

Participated in a computer game in Frankfurt (Germany) as a mime actor.

In 2010 he signed a one-year contract with Universal studios of Japan. “Statue
show” as a mime actor.


Was second assistant choreographer – director with Taras Chernienko -
(Cherokey music band) on the dance project “Maydance “in Kiev. (Battle of
Cities for the first place)

Dance show “Revolution in the mind” (revolution in thinking) was made for the
city of Chernihiv.

Together with Taras Chernienko also created a vocal - Musical Art performence
“Revolution in the mind”

The show included: Art and music interspersed with mime that was not a usual
way to create live shows.

Was part of the Ukrainian pop group “Chicos Band”.

2012 brought a tour of Asia with a solo live show “Wonderful Life”.

Currently artist is recording his debut album “Start with yourself” at
recording studio “TONY MUSIC”

Plans to continue his solo career. Collaborates with Tony music, Cherokey
band, Dj Lorein and Major Music.

Student of Kiev State Academy of Culture and Arts.

Live performance :
1 ) " Wonder life " ( Asia tour with Dj Lorein
2 ) 361 % - Solo live show ( Shanghai )

Singles :

" It’s doesn’t matter "

" Stone zoo"
"Rush hour "
"Time "
"Funky beat 360 "
"Mirrors edge "


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