Yellow Salamand'r 4 - Forest For The Trees

Published by Mike Fuchs

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I was in an ideas slump, until various SoundClouders out there gave me some suggestions. All very good, and all helpful! (One was to go for a walk in the woods, making me think of the term "Can't see the forest for the trees). This made me open my eyes, ears, and mind to what is all around me. I started playing with some sampled guitar sounds, when I noticed that my autistic daughter seemed to like the sounds and participate with her own sounds. I created a track and then overdubbed her sounds. (She makes a moaning sound when she's happy, and she collects paper cups [there are hundreds of them in the house], and she swirls a marble in the bottom of a cup when she's happy). I've dubbed these sounds in with a dash of echo...her voice sounds like a siren with echo :-). Thanks to all for your advice! #audio #Avant Garde

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