Yellow Salamand'r 4 - Gibson Galaxy

Published by Mike Fuchs

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GG in "The Alphabet Series". This track has author William Gibson discussing how he invented the term "Cyberspace". Seeing as he was also the inventor of modern "Steampunk", I thought I would try to meld old and (relatively) new [sounds], in the steampunk fashion. Searching for more G's, I decided upon Golden Palominos (Clean Plate)...for the (relatively) newer sound, [I'm feeling nostalgic for no-wave these days], and Jackie Gleason (Speak Low), from his Lonesome Echo LP, (because Salvador Dali did the cover art)...yes, the Honeymooners Jackie Gleason...he recorded in the 50's...Here is a descriptive quote of his preferred music, "musical wallpaper that should never be intrusive, but conducive". As I blended new with old, I realized they were both forms of Jazz, one meant to be easy listening, the other not so much...and my ears sounds rather conducive :-) #audio #Avant Garde

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