Yellow Salamand'r 4 - Eskimole

Published by Mike Fuchs

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This is a composition in honour of The Residents. The Residents were a massive musical influence to me, in my formative musical years. I definitely preferred their earlier material, and I've always favoured instrumental and ambient music. Two crucial Residents albums for me were "Eskimo"(ambient), and "Intermission"(instrumental), [from their Mole Show "trilogy"]. My composition is based on my mind's recollection of these two albums, and the musical feelings they invoked in me. I haven't listened to either album in many years, and I prefer to retain the skewed nostalgic recollections in my mind. This piece was not meant to be a cover, copy, blend or mash-up of those albums, but merely a blurry audible memory. This composition was made entirely with samples from a multitude of sources, but absolutely NO Residents or Residents related music was used, sampled or copied in any way. I have never attempted anything like this before, but listening to the final product, it transports "my" mind back to these two albums. I may change my opinion if I listen to them again...but I don't think that I will listen to them again...sometimes foggy nostalgia is better than the real deal :) #audio #Avant Garde #Obscure #Surreal #Abstract #TheResidents

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