Yellow Salamand'r 4 - Dysplexia - disquiet0188-complexcomplex

Published by Mike Fuchs

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I used complexification0010SH.mp3 as the source for this track. I sampled it into my favourite music app, "Yellofier". Yellofier only does 15 second samples, which can then be sliced into 8 samples. i sampled the first 15 seconds, of which, a good portion is silence, so my slices were very short. I can only create 4 tracks in Yellofier, so I created 4 tracks about 1 minute long, and saved it. I then reworked that 1 minute recording with 4 tracks and new sample variations as well as some "stock" Yellofier sounds to create a new recording. I then created one more 2 track recording of extended or "droned" samples, to hopefully use as a base. I then imported all my mixes into the "Edjing" mixing app. Some how my drone track got chopped during importing, and was only 20 seconds long instead of 1 minute. I pitch shifted that 20 seconds into 1 minute, and then layered all 3 mixes. It worked well, but ironically, I thought that all these sounds compressed into 1 minute sounded too complex, so I then pitch shifted the entire final track from 1 minute to 2. I'm satisfied with the outcome, but it definitely doesn't convey the complexity of the original mixes. A fair bit of complexity was used to create a simple sounding track :) (Dysplexification) More on this 188th Disquiet Junto project (“Take a provided track and make it more complex”) at: More on the Disquiet Junto at: Join the Disquiet Junto at: Disquiet Junto general discussion takes place at: Image associated with this project from the notes that accompany the album Complexification (Entr’acte), by Guy Birkin and Sun Hammer, and on which project is based. More on Complexification: Disquiet Junto by Marc Weidenbaum ( POB 210429 San Francisco, CA 94121-0429 USA Sent to Unsubscribe Delivered by TinyLetter #audio #disquiet0188compexcomplex #Avant #Garde

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