Yellow Salamand'r 4 - Somnambient (TAKE IT, USE IT,ABUSE IT)

Published by Mike Fuchs

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This is a long ambient track for me. It had a different intended purpose. I saw a docu-film created in '70 about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs ( It was an eerie film (obviously because of content), but also because of tape degradation creating eerie wow and flutter. (Think Boards Of Canada) I set out to create a somber backing track to the film. That is this track....but when combined, it seemed too depressing...especially at almost 15 minutes long, and in the end, I think the film speaks for itself, and doesn't need the extra accompaniment. Hence, it seems wasteful to discard this, so anyone who wishes to use this for any purpose, in any way they see fit, take it and make with it what you will. (Give me a heads up if you do, so I can give it a listen.) Thanks #audio #Challenge #Thwarted #Soundtrack #Make #It #Yours #Ambient

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