Yellow Salamand'r 4 - Disquiet Junto Project 0190 : Missed Connections

Published by Mike Fuchs

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The two tracks that I chose from Disquiet 0189 were: and: I chose these two solely on the basis that they were my favourites, and only coincidentally identical in length (1:10). I then recorded them in reverse (no particular reason why), and then pitch shifted them to approximately 1:42. I then searched my archives of lost and unused tracks, found one that was 1:42 in length, set it up to record in reverse, layered it onto the previous two tracks and "hit" record, without even giving it a "pre"listen. This is the quick and dirty result. More on this 190th Disquiet Junto project (“Set two out-of-sync loops atop each other, and then add sonic glue”) at: More on the Disquiet Junto at: Join the Disquiet Junto at: Disquiet Junto general discussion takes place at: Image associated with this project by Theilr, and used thanks to a Creative Commons license: Disquiet Junto by Marc Weidenbaum ( POB 210429 San Francisco, CA 94121-0429 USA #audio #Disquiet #Layered #Loops #Abstract

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