Yellow Salamand'r - Homage to Ford Hassell Clark, Jr.

Published by Mike Fuchs

  • 1 credits

This track was created in homage to Ford Hassell Clark, Jr. @uncle-hassell I stumbled upon his music yesterday, and I was more than pleasantly surprised. Kudos to hanklebury for finding and uploading his uncle's music! @hanklebury I created this track by sampling a 3 minute segment from "Frog Chorus On Horseshoe Lake", pitchshifting it slower, also reversing it, then layering the two. I then took an older YS track, pitch shifted it, and faded it in an out throughout the track. Finally, I found a phonetic code transmission, and faded it in and out as well. (in reference to "Uncle Hassell's pastime of listening to his brother's shortwave radio) #audio #Homage #Collab #Avant #Garde

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