Yellow Salamand'r - disquiet0201-realfuture(Salmo)

Published by Mike Fuchs

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I'm afraid I don't have the technology/hardware to accomplish this week's project as requested. (Simple apps with no compression tools.) What I did do was chose the fascinating Salmo album (honestly, because it had less tracks, but I really developed a taste for the music on this album) I took the six tracks, and blended them with pitch shifting and fading, to create an overall feel/mix, but by no means "an encapsulation for efficient yet meaningful consumption", but more of an avant garde album overview. I will attempt to add a "realfuture" scenario to explain and justify my track. In my opinion, in 2055, there will still be "big entertainment industry" companies that will condense all media into small sales packages/pitches....basically creating what this disquiet project is suggesting that we participants should create. I also believe there will be activists/rebels/hackers that will oppose "big entertainment", and will steal/hack the sales pitches, and rework/revision/remix them like "samplers' did so many years before. In conclusion I will suggest that my track is a hijacked remix of an "encapsulated album for efficient yet meaningful consumption". . . . Disquiet Junto Project 0201: Real Future Encapsulate an album for efficient yet meaningful consumption. This week’s project is a special collaboration with Real Future, as part of the Real Future Fair being held in San Francisco on November 6 and 7. On the evening of the 7th I’ll be presenting some of this project’s audio during the Fair’s Real Future of Sound segment, and talking about the Junto with Alexis Madrigal, the Editor-in-Chief of Fusion. Madrigal and Fusion’s Cara Rose DeFabio participated in the development of this week’s project. Step 1: First, ask yourself this question: As the population on Earth increases, and more and more people are creating art, how will technology and our brains collaborate to process all that creative information. In 2015 it’s hard enough to keep track of all the TV shows, albums, novels, and video games. What about in 2055? Step 2: Choose one of these two albums to be your source material and download it: This self-titled ambient pop album by the New Zealand act Montano: This self-titled album by the French rock band Salmo: Step 3: Consider an approach to compress the selected album for … let’s call it “efficient yet meaningful” consumption. Already today supercuts and superfuses condense material through quick sequences and dense simultaneity. Come up with an approach to similarly compressing a full-length album. You might consider the “overture” employed in project 0198, but you’ll likely come up with your own approach. And keep in mind that the end result should be … let’s call it “enjoyable.” Step 4: Apply the result of Step 3 to the album you downloaded in Step 2. Step 5: Upload your completed track to the Disquiet Junto group on SoundCloud. St

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