aPatchofNettles/Yellow Salamand'r - Stoch5 vs YS5 - Stochastic Oscillator Mix

Published by Mike Fuchs

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I've always admired aPatchofNettles (https://www.twine.fm/signin sonic creations, and I thought it was time to wander through the SC page and see what I could use for a collage or mix. I came upon two tracks with a "Stoch 5" descriptor, (https://www.twine.fm/signin and https://www.twine.fm/signin and enjoyed the electronic sounds. I immediately thought of the title "Stoch5 vs YS5"(and of course, thought I was so very clever for thinking of it) I had no idea what stoch 5 referred to, and told myself I would look into it after I messed with both stoch 5 sounds. I layered both tracks, with heavy pitchshifting and handful of other effects. I then started searching my library of old/unused sounds (because I am often too lazy to create new sounds) for something to add...anyways I got sidetracked, and instead started to google "stoch 5". One of the first things to show up, was a link to a video of the stochastic oscillator. I thought "aha, this surely must be what stoch 5 refers to." As usual I was wrong. The stochastic oscillator is actually a predictive formula/method used in the stock market...who knew? Well, I watched it anyhow, and I found it humorous in an abstract way, and thought that I must layer it into the mix as well...so I did. In the end, I used no Yellow Salamand'r sounds, just various "stoch 5" layers, and the Stoc-market [:)] video vocals. (I liked the references in the video to fast and slow predictors, and therefore I messed with the speed of the video accordingly)....phew! Some days I just don't know how to say things with only a few words :) #audio #Stoch #5 #LoFi #Obscure

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