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Yukia Qwi Sandara , is a wayshower , a event facilitator, a teacher of higher learning’s , channeler and a conduit of Divine frequencies from Source Perfection , Infinite Mind. Her role is to download Grace and Love through light language songs and sacred sounds from the angelic symphony Realms and her purpose is to transmit a vibrational /frequency signal that bypasses the human Self , and transmits directly to one’s God Self.
This is a spiritual transmission, which reflects the core soul essence of the original Blueprint of all beings and healing in nature….

She activates ,heightens and raises onsciousness in different parts the globe and repairs, upgrades leylines and power nodes with the myriad of sounds and songs she sings. Her transmissions particularly aid the Divine ones on Earth , awaken souls, star seeds( including children recalling past lives or to fully awaken…

Her music is just like Oscar’s , a portal between these sensations , perceptions, places and realities transmuting and transfiguring them to Source Perfection.

She has travelled all over the world and has been receiving these songs and sounds for the past 12 years . See her website for more details www.therainbowheartcenter.com

Sister this is my info.
Thanks for all your help and connexion for my work and our future work together!

Oscar Cortes Leal / Carion is composer, guitar, singer, therapists and channeler of “Naturaleza Acústica / Acoustic Nature”

What is “Naturaleza Acústica” (Acoustic Nature)?

“Naturaleza Acústica” (Acoustic Nature) is a series of songs and sounds that are actually codes from various places along Mother Earth’s energetic grid of consciousness, specifically on the American continent. Places like the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia), the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Pichu, Lake Titicaca (Perú), Tiawanacu and Puma Punku (Bolivia).

These sounds are connected to the vibration and information of the activities and presence of differents beings of the Earth, Heaven and the Cosmos that inhabit and protect these sacred sites, making this music a portal between these sensations, perceptions, places and realities.

Oscar (Carion) has been receiving these sounds through a process that began almost 7 years ago, while either travelling to or living at these sacred places.

This musician from Valledupar (Colombia) has recorded and played alongside America’s most important channels and masters of the medicine, devotional and conscious music genre; such as Jesus Hidalgo, Alonso Del Río, Shimshai, Mónica Fuquen and Hector Buitrago.

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