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Daugavpils, Latvia
Last online: 4 weeks ago

My name is Yuri Borin, I am a composer from Latvia. I am working in the genre of programmatic orchestral music, I create soundtracks (Symphonic/Epic/ballad/Piano music/Rock/Metal/New age).
The source of my inspiration are: the legends of the nations of the world, fairy-tale characters, historical events, different kinds of fantastic, mystical phenomena, phenomena of nature.
Currently I am open for business proposals. If you are seriously interested in my music, you can contact me via e-mail.

    uniE603 10.Yuri Borin - City Of The Future
    uniE603 Yuri Borin - Jesus Christ
    uniE603 Yuri Borin - Time Machine
    uniE603 Yuri Borin - Breathing Of Australia
    uniE603 Yuri Borin - HEROES OF THE PAST
    uniE603 Yuri Borin - Ancient Dance
    uniE603 Yuri Borin - Horror In The Village Of Goldfield
    uniE603 Yuri Borin - Night Ocean
    uniE603 1.Yuri Borin - Fairy Kingdom
    uniE603 2.Yuri Borin - Genghis Khan
    uniE603 3.Yuri Borin - Flying Dutchman