Drop Tower - Somewhere Far Away (Z.Λ.R.B & Jeshikka Remix)

Published by Pedro Braz

  • 1 credits

Hi Everyone! This is our newest remix with @Jeshikka of "Somewhere Far Away" by Drop Tower Originally who started this remix was her! Then she called me to help! And when I first listen the intro, I just didn't know what to say because was pretty awesome, the bass is awesome and the snares too! We stayed a while thinking on a build up, but then she said that didn't want to make a part of this remix anymore, so I continue and did the rest of the track but I insist on give her the credits anyway :) PS - Maybe my last music, stopping productions for an undetermined time. #audio #Melodic Dubstep #Drop #Tower #Remix #Somewhere #Far #Away #Jeshikka #ZARB #Seven #Lions

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