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https://zerotheherorap.bandcamp.com/album/the-persona LYRICS [APE-X] I know I'm Ape-X But I'm also human. I know that I go when my time is useless these are confessions rooted like tulips. Once again I will regress to confusion Let's see how senile I get In 10 years when I'm repping my debts And my friends disappear When I'm forced to grow up without shedding no tears When im Holding the loaded my vision is clear The kid from the caves and the guts from the blunts Raised by the crows and i fly in the dusk The days of the backwood and breaking the dutch Back then was like prom I was Spiking the punch Never want settlement rather sporadic I'll grab my own sack and sing bad like mike Jackson I'm killing this rap shit I just keep it laxative He's still the shit, even after you're passing him Cold like my basement but its not by accident Hopes up and let downs just left him a savage man Now I look back like shit what was the point of that Then I remember that time keeps on running back Cuff em or not I'm still fighting the blue blood so Shake with the snake that had arms at the start of shit Run till I stop then I turn to maneuver the tide of the chase that's the jerry to Thomas now Dealt the hell to split the bell of liberty as it fell from the hands of America's uni celled division industry, Limitless chemistry killing lyricists lyrically, by their own craft the hands of the smithery, Deal blows so sick and mean they might blow you to smithereens, Verbal assault adulterer crispy clean like Mr.green, Can it you fucking string beans you can't test this kind of speed, You can't match the match I light the evidence with in the trees, I'm too busy being mind fucked by you blind scum, You'd riot if you knew the truth but you're too comfy being sued, I'm too ill to introduce myself and the things I'm into, If you weren't listening then that's your fucking fault too. Fuck it punch your bitch in her stomach Hellbound so to speak the mind frowns on what's around, Passed around I've been a loser born and proud, Celebrate the failsafe that is the other forms of waste, Sell self hate by the ounce if you can keep the pace, This life is littered with little figments of inner toil, Turmoil in crown Royal I present the real scars life causes heals hard my fear appeals blank Thoughts shadow gods soil And masks everything you couldn't learn to accept, Tell em that the rest are dead, and soon we all begin again, Veteran of Excedrin from all the words crammin Inside the walls of my skull synapses firing from brain to stem, Tell the threat a threat again and pick which of these days you want to be the end like endocrine, I'm ending it. If you're the king in place prepare to be replaced and equally disgraced as a baby on baby falling on their face, Heretic is my name, and my gods have never been alive, I know there's hate coming from the Sky's, Guardians bet their wings on who can

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