outro - p.p.s.

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https://zerotheherorap.bandcamp.com/album/the-persona LYRICS [APE-X] A spectacular vernacular when rapping sir Actually Immaculance is what I'm after first Make superman super canned and quit his job on earth Steady rock hand drop jaws like live birth Sized em all up and by the way They fall I'll rise in time Risin in my rice and my gears are on a ready grind My deoxiribonucleicacid is that of lycan kind but i never bite a rhyme Super conscious of what I am I'm obnoxiously novice I'm not a topic of conversation A product of isolation Self made but I'm highly anxious The High is all I'm after And whats after this is what's on my mind right now All these bitches do is talk Tell em all to pipe down Lounging bound on god when I'm able Bound for ground my head too inflated Out of time, my mind, and my angels, peace #audio #ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia #APEX #ItsAlwaysS

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