peaches&cream x RON!N

Published by KNOTREEL

0 LYRICS [APE-X] Who you know woke up? Too late No one knew Ray could show us Induced hate Maybe I take my steps ten ahead and leave y'all wondering again Who done switched up the clique fuck the if and when Bitch I do that, The plague came back I move past You rats, Stash your cheddar where your mouth is Your Breath smells doubtish, You clownfish are trout bait Now skate off on the water wishing Jesus was your name I tend to feel the same Is My ending wasted brains? Hopefully, We all want to end the pain Know the danger, fear, and choice ain't a thang Show caged in anger when they set their aim up Let them bang and talk, And we gon wish em well Never kiss and tell when kissin death is what sells Souls on the river Styx Inna boat made of bones And this is it, I just hope ya'll know [RON!N] Rendezvous- Back to my arms you carry on All of you- Loss of the word love How do you? Very true Scales to the snake skin Lie within Barely few That I Know Can make life Grand- In the end [APE-X] Losing my mind patiently face looking like angel wings My back to the rest of em resting in pieces I see em My dead eyes aware of the poltergeist in any room I enter In any room I am centered But then he fools the jester Learned lessons Acquired taste of baking soda babies making quota on a persona folder dates and promoters both are short of heroic Actions and words mean were alive and we know it Oh how easy peasy leashes Connect creatures to we Legions of weak peaches and cream That's pretty perfect if you ask me. #audio #Indie #RONN #APEX

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