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FRee DOWNLOAD LYRICS [APE-X] too damn lit Never know persona really hit like this Fuck what ya heard Ya Fuck what it is Anyone of you hating getting level, suck dick With a mouth full thinking you could spit like this Don't quit ya day job unless you get it how you live That Juxtaposition I fuck with the minimal Man I've been feeling my angst since a little one She said she don't fuck with me I don't doubt it I don't care But first bae can you get me to my dopeman I know where Ya Maybe but lets cut out all the bullshit you got fair? Said bitch you ain't a cab I got you gas so take me there Shouts to my trapletes y'all toss up a ki Who didn't know that my idol was me? Add to the primal, the urge to succeed Shouts to my rivals I pray they suck seed Fuck. And I aim to please Im Lost in my wave say goodbye too the sea You niggas is pussy bet I make em bleed If they step neck to neck to the mind of A.Z. #audio #Trap #ChillBIllREmix #APEX

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