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https://zerotheherorap.bandcamp.com/album/the-persona LYRICS [APE-X] Trouble's on my mind Always wanting me to die Hope I wake up in a coffin Coughing on that often dry I'm a sinner from a city Where my men and women Whitney Lips is looking Tyrone, Wonder why you need tree fiddy Bitch you broke No hope for the serenade Bitches crumbling Under pressure with the renegade Under the influence every single day Letting my mind fade away When I'm gone Remember me for today Represent All the times that I never left the house Never let it out Now I'm talking bout. Every decision I made instead of thinking wishing I could go back and fix it till the day I'm resting in pieces Till its all over Tell em I was never sober And still got over myself Man I Hope you never know it Its pain Its heart Its hate Its dark A grave to mark and start your name and Noah's ark Feeling like No ones knows art anymore No one knows how to make em flock anymore The top of the rock The drop The high to low The start and the stop The loss of control Im a perfect circle I'm the serpent that you worship Im The devil in the newest dress Im Buried where my tools kept I'm lost in a world Full of hollow boys and girls No direction No exceptions Less than ape's learning curves, ugh #audio #Soundtrack #APEX

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