APE-X - forevermore

Published by KNOTREEL


LYRICS i watch them all pass by the moon and the stars let me hold you in my arms forevermore fuck this shit by the time i reminisce, sick waste my time zero never wanted anything but time same treasure planet x my lines in exodus and expert time acetaminophen in the lines of vicodin ok... blessed by christ x where the cross laying on my life run pussiboi your lifes at stake dont get confused when the sky goes blank 23 aye, meaning that theres no mistake when it comes to being gifted taking cakes is apes agenda but wait theres more to the shit never let a motherfucker test my wits bitch suck my dick for a tip then i dip no respect on my mind just tits but im lying if i said that im really trying no i dont really get no wiser if i think too much imma end up dying #audio #Ambient #APEX

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