APE-X - centipede (ft. R0N!N) prod by Biv.

Published by KNOTREEL

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LYRICS APE-X Run through yo hood like a centipede 100 feet all on my enemies If they get stomped out thats a courtesy Pebbles and grid on their skin and bleed Run through yo hood like a centipede 100 feet all on my enemy If they get stomped out that's a courtesy You feel the heat bitch it's 3rd degree Tempest infectious No ending in sight Bet it up I can see how the ignorant lie I fuck pussy and soon it's all intimate lies Accusations and soon it's all intricate lies Skipping the fly I Swallow the spider Biting my tongue that's the gift of an idol Ape is a Snake Quote me guerilla warfare The pit open I'm filled with adrenaline You Pussies don't play on veteran You Pussies don't know the anthem yet- -I can tell you where I've been on the pregame Crawling Cus the liquor found a home in acid but I can't see straight Fuck an ugly bitch and call her back just for the bj Differences between us is Y, I'm the one that leads straight Naked in the eyes of Rolling thunder hear my cry May just Roll another blunt Fuck everyone. Face it. R0N!N its awfully quiet but when it gets silent we like to get violent we like to riot dont try to deny it human nature we fight it something inside with a little of pride its the animal inside dont try to confide in the passers they lying theyre telling you that- Satans coming for his people you cannot treat your peers like they are equal let them get swallowed up in all that evil you can sit there and pretend that youre regal know its a shame sheep to be slain we nothing but pawns stuck in a game you all sound the same whos to blame? good is lame basic is flame #audio #LIT #R0NN #APEX

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