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freedownloadhere: https://www.twine.fm/signin lyrics APE-X Bitch I clutch cobra Bitches come and go bruh Get my money Get my tats Smoke my dope And Play my shows bruh Stay out my business and get the fuck out of my face I've been plotting through my lenses Keep that fucking pace, ugh Ain't no race no affirmation I'm used to fucking Caucasians I hate myself How I act And my sadness But that's one day shit Catch me in Alaska Stabbing backs of bass with hatchets off a handmade pontoon With beer in plastic bins Not the, Lifestyles of the rich and the famous Some die with the name Some die nameless I'm after them, I came after so before you say of course again I'm going off the course more sore than souls tormented No normalcy I'm filled with poor choices My past is representing Don't repress it, Enforce it If anything I'm impressed by my lack of morals Emotions ran deep But now are shallow jogs On more hills Couldve wrote four wills with how often I think ahead Couldve met my fate with how much i Think of death Faces appear But they all seem blank I hide my fear I rest my case X Ape This world that we live in i escape No more to my decisions I am Ape As Simple as simian no mistake #audio #ShadowRap #APEX

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