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Lisboa, Portugal
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1997 begins the adventure.
The spiritual seek of electronic music in it’s most innovate and pure form.

Being one of the pioneers in Dub Techno playing in Europe,
I feel in the near future this will be the style that will win all the younger hearts in the dance scene.

Techno, Soul, Dub Deep, Ambient, are (sub) genres that over the years have been enjoying periods of rising and decline,
depending on the ways to reinvent but also to “WAVES” that are generated around it.
Inspired by the underground of the 90s in New York as well as in ethnic rhythms from around the world.
ZippiE productions have been appearing in the playlists of DJs around the world.
DUB ZIPPIE had an early start. He began by making mix tapes and along the way earned the nickname “ZIPPIE”,
turning his passion for music into a career as a Live Artist | Producer and Remixer.
Come and follow me in my journey!