Final Thought (Prod. Tomppa Beats)

Published by Adam Kretz

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Beat Produced by Lyrics: [Ado] This is the final thought of a high and mighty lord/ Homie this is my resort with violence like a grimy hoard/ A righteous whitey fighting with a vinyl sword/ Lightly spitting out these fine retorts sending shivers down your spinal chord/ I’m slicing through these mice disguised as styled dykes/ No sight is more frightening than a guy, reviving sprites with a riled mic/ I’m verbally rife, living disturbingly trife/ Trying to permanently murder music perverts with an herbal knife/ This is best for the people I try to keep up with/ But I’ve been slept on ever since I realized I ain’t releasing shit/ This quick thinking is pivot to your fagotry limit/ Flicking dim-witted midgets off-stage like theatrical exhibits/ It’s terrible to see rappers turning like parables/ Suddenly hysterical, I ain’t hearing you, it’s unbearable/ It’s rare to find talent that’s comparable/ I’m daring you declare the rap game non-repairable/ I’m struck by lightning; blood is seeping thick and slow/ Best of luck when trying to fondly keep up with the flow/ I got enough in my pockets to keep it up another month/ But I’m in trouble with government saying that I talk too much…/ The next generation is fetching perfection/ Sheep so stupid they need club songs for directions/ Like "move to side" - "move to the back"/ I'm doing just alright proven for by this track/ The roots of rap are rotten, torn out of this world/ I'm only scratching the bottom when it comes to your giiirl/ #audio #HipHop #thougt #ado #lessons #rap #Hip #Hop #hip #hop #dansk #denmark #danish #finland #tomppa #beats #classic #Oldschool

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