You All Wrong (Prod. Tomppa Beats)

Published by Adam Kretz

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Produced by Mixing and mastering by LYRICS We’ve been misconnected and misrepresented/ Misdirected in amidst a repentant/ A shadow in believe that it is neglected/ A thought misconceived that the mist reflected/ We’re nigh the times when we ascend for the sky/ Who in my life can amount to fly that high?/ Imma say my blessings and count my goodbyes/ Cause you’ll always have faith but you can’t repair lies/ How in the world do I know that this ain’t right? / Two girls and I’m broke on the same night/ Rip my heart out and feed to her - straight sight/ So she knows just what defeat tastes like/ Trying to divide all my foresights of my time/ Got a precise eye for why I’m about to die/ Fighting to keep the light in ‘cause I am not tired and/ When you’re hiding from your mind then the night is too fucking frightening/ So whatever you say honey/ You don’t get anything but a bit more of hate from me/ Flailing my brains tryna make you say something to me/ But I can’t find a way to create bait money all your claims ache on me/ A loving format with poisoned organs/ Left at a doormat like a lost orphan/ Broken inside, so you can do no more harm/ And I’m only alive so I can prove you all wrong/ #audio #Hiphop #tomppa #beats #you #all #wrong #rap #hip #hop #Hip #Hop #g #freestyle #ado

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