government selection criteria. It is important that a candidate is familiar with the intricacies of the government job application process prior to writing responses. Sometimes, job application packs appear to have their own unique set of jargon. Some have general meanings, others do not. It is therefore important to be aware of these terms when tailoring your written responses, including:

o The types of criteria. There are different categories of selection criteria, such as: education and qualifications; experience; knowledge; and, skills. Written responses must to cater to these differences.

o The value of the selection criteria responses. This includes essential and desirable. Although desirable selection criteria are not essential, they can be the difference between winning the job or not. Don’t be deceived. You need to spend as much time in writing the desirable selection criteria responses.

o Key concepts, such as knowledge, awareness or experience. Knowledge in terms of selection criteria responses refer to both formal and informal learning. The candidate is able to draw on knowledge that they have gained from a qualification or on-the-job experience. Awareness is another key term the candidate will come across when writing effective responses. This relates to the candidate possessing a small amount of knowledge but not actually having experience. Another common term in selection criteria responses is that of experience. This relates to performing the task in prior roles. The candidate must provide real writing services to support their answers.
Tips for Writing Compelling Selection Criteria Responses

Here’s a list of top tips to help you write high quality selection criteria examples:

Tip 1 Use their words in your example cases
Tip 2 Make sure your language is specific and active
Tip 3 Clearly articulate the benefits achieved at the end of each example
Tip 4 Choose writing that are as closely aligned as possible to the role you are applying for
Tip 5 Research carefully both the department’s webpage and the position description in order to carefully select the most relevant keyword phrases to use in your written writing.

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