Abdul Kayyum
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Pune, Maharashtra, India
Last online: 7 months ago
I am a graduate of the Arena Multimedia, in Graphics Designing and 3d Architecture Visualization from Pune, India. After experience of about 5 years in Graphics and 3d Architecture Designing industry of India and USA, I've started the firm Kohinoor 3d Arch, in 2013, providing architectural designing services to clients. And mostly works on outsourcing projects of UK and USA. My work has been published countless times and has been built in India and abroad. Interior Renderings Exteriors Renderings Floor Plans, in 2D and 3D Site Plans, in 2D, 3D and Landscape Photosim 360° Panoramas VR Interiors Web : www.kohinoor3darch.com Mail : aksilawat@yahoo.com Mobile : +91 88 88 88 77 23