Soleeva San Jose

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Our story began in 2010 in the heart of The Bay Area, home to our founders- Ahmad Qazi and Ralph Ahlgren. They entered the solar energy market with a clear vision – to develop a renewable energy system that gives you complete independence from utility bills and reduces your carbon footprint. What they noticed was that the industry lacked innovation in solar panels and their efficiency. With years of engineering experience, they devised our patented technology SOLEEVA S1 and COOLING TECHNOLOGY. Soleeva S1, a nano-technology that makes your panels self-cleansing. And Cooling Technology that keeps your panels functioning at optimal temperature. Soleeva panels allow maximum performance and longevity of your system; 5-7 years longer than any panels in the market! For more information visit their website: San Jose Video Production Still N Motion 1727 Little Orchard St Ste A, San Jose, CA 95125 #video

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