Portable Mini Diaper Changing Station Kit for your Baby Boy or Girl!

Published by andreabaziliq


Baziliq's bag is designed to be small; it’s the size of a clutch and will fit easily under your arm or in one hand! If your hands are full, use the convenient stroller strap. Easily fit all your baby essentials in the three mesh pockets inside. Use the external pocket to store your personal effects; your phone, keys, and wallet will all fit nice and securely. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ETRM2LO Easily change your infant in a car or at the park: �� Simply open the bag to access diapers, creams and wipes �� Pull the folding padded mat out and spread it on whatever surface is available �� It can even cover the changer station in public bathrooms! �� It’s cushioned to keep your baby’s head comfortable during changing �� When you’re finished simply wipe it clean, it’s easily washable by hand or machine, making clean ups effortless! #branding #photo #logo

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