Footprints on the Moon (feat. TOXIC MILk & Skinny Joey) - Single

Published by Artem Kovyrkov


Picture everything you're bound to. Now picture where you started. Where will you end up? Is it worth it? Do you want to leave your footprints on the moon? #HipHop #Rap #Underground #Single #FootprintsontheMoon #U #TOXICMILk #SkinnyJoey

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Ozymandiasmc @OzymandiasMC3 years ago

I saw your advert that you needed a rapper, I'll do it


Twine @twine4 years ago

Collaboration by two US rappers and one Russian rapper. Toxic Milk (Chicago, US), Skinny Joey (Delaware, US) and AKA (Moscow, Russia) who collaborated through Twine.


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