Austin Lawrence
Potwin, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

Austin Lawrence met his parents in a small hospital in Wenatchee, Washington. One year later his family moved to Portland Oregon. He started a life in North Portland area with his parents and three older sisters. At age 5 his father left which was the beginning of many moves. Attending different schools in different areas taught Austin the social skills needed to adapt. At age thirteen Austin experienced the loss of his father. Adjusting to his absents turned a young boy into an angry person who had to figure out who he was. To combat his sadness he came to realize that writing helped soothe his wounds. At that point he began to submerge himself into the hip hop community. Austin was 15 years old. Anger seemed to be the factor that smoldered silently, and you can hear it in his earlier lyrics. Very dark at times, ranging from religious hypocrisy, loss of youth, and the need for direction. As Austin became a man with a family, he realized that the anger and the darkness he felt needed to become a thing of the past and he had his own life to develop. Being patient and allowing himself to learn from other artist has paved the way for him to show the public his talents, not only in music, but in art as well. Austin’s music speaks for itself. Straight forward, unassuming, loyalty to oneself and others. A mix of sympathy and justice pours through his lyrics. He’s developed sophistication, in who he is along with a sense of direction. It comes from his heart and radiates through his soul. Whatever it took in his world of disappointment’s and broken promises, his love of his family, his music and his art has helped heal, strengthen and mold him into a better person today. There is a silent charm in how Austin represents himself. While entertaining, he can draw you in with his laughter and redirect you with a glance. You can tell he has a deep passion to create and wants to share it with others. His ability to draw beautiful graphite portraits along with music that touches the heart truly comes from a self made man.

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