10 Things Creatives Can Make For Your Social Media

Social media is a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy. It’s a fantastic way to build your brand identity and engage with customers. A huge part of this is your visual branding – your banners, images, colour and font choices. But you don’t have to go in blind; creatives, especially designers, can be a massive help in this department. Here are 10 things creatives can make for your social media.

1. Your house-style

Go to a big brand’s social media accounts and one thing you might not have noticed before is their consistency. In particular, they’ll choose a colour palette and stick to it. It’ll appear in their imagery, their banners and even their fonts. For instance, check out all the purple the make-up brand Urban Decay have got threaded through their social media accounts. It’s in their Twitter cover photo, their logo and even the buttons. Similarly, when they photograph their products on Instagram, they’ll often lay them out against purple fabrics.


Indeed, Canva’s CEO recommends you “Choose two to four colors to use consistently throughout all of your social media posts and marketing.” The reason for this? People associate different colours with different things – Urban Decay market themselves as an edgy cosmetics company, and choosing purple as a brand colour reinforces this. Similarly, you’ll want to be using the same fonts (or group of fonts) across your accounts.

But, if you’re not a graphic designer, it can be hard to decide on these things or know what message a colour or font is giving. Hiring one to design your ‘house style’ can make your branding way more powerful and also make managing your accounts easier, as knowing your style simplifies the decision-making process for each post.

2. Profile Pictures

It goes without saying that your profile picture is key. You might think the cover photo’s more important because it’s bigger and so you’ve got more room to be creative. But your profile is the icon that appears everywhere. Think – how often do you go directly to a brand’s timeline or Twitter profile? Probably rarely. But your profile picture is what appears on people’s news feeds and Twitter feeds when you post, so they’re going to see it more. You want something that makes the best use of the space available and is quickly recognisable as your brand. It can be a great idea to go to a professional for an effective design.

Your beautiful cover photo won't help you now.
Your beautiful cover photo won’t help you now.

3. Cover Photos

That’s not to say cover photos are irrelevant – there are all sorts of great creatives thing you can do with them. So consider hiring a photographer or graphic designer to get your cover photos looking on point. Plus, there’s nothing worse than an stretched eyesore of a cover photo ruining an otherwise perfectly nice social media profile.

4. Infographics

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? We’re visually wired, and in this internet age, we’re suffering from information overload. Infographics give you lots of information in an easily digestible chunk. People like them and they like sharing them – and you can make the most of this for your company. Find out what your audience are interested in, do some research on an exciting topic and put it into an infographic. Designers will do a great job of making your infographic look engaging.


Check out these hilarious infographics. 

5. Images for posts

Whether it’s for Instagram or Facebook, getting a designer or photographer to work on the actual stuff you post can be a good idea. For Instagram, composition is very important, as is how the images fit into the overall ‘grid’. So don’t just do it haphazardly.

On top of that, different social networks have different requirements for image size and a photo editor can optimise your images for you, or even create different images for different networks.

6. Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat’s one of the newer additions to your social media marketing repetoire. It’s fantastic if you’re a very visual brand. On top of that, if you’re running events geofilters are a valuable asset. These are custom filters that people can use if they’re within a certain area. You can get one set up for an event you’re running so people can add it to their snap and let their friends know they’re there, so they’re basically doing your marketing for you! But no one wants to use an ugly banner across their selfie, so get a designer on onboard to make sure it looks pro.


7. YouTube Graphics

This is pretty self-explanatory. Like other profiles, your branding is important and getting banners and other graphics for your YouTube channel professionally made can make a world of difference.


8. Thumbnails for videos

You don’t have to go with the default thumbnail for your YouTube videos. Many professional YouTubers will get thumbnails custom made for videos and these are often a lot more visually pleasing than a random still image from the video. As a company, you should be doing the same. It’ll make your channel look that bit more professional.

9. Ads

If you’re paying for ads on Facebook or Twitter, at least make them count! Images are often the most critical element of an ad (because we’re visually wired) so do it right and hire a designer.

Check out this guide on designing ads for Facebook.


10. Hashtag Images/Quote-images

Text superimposed on images are all the rage in social media. Whether it’s an inspirational quote or a hashtag you want to get trending, these can really spice up your message. But rather than just using stock images and fonts, get a photographer/graphic designer on board to make them look truly outstanding.

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Becca is the Marketing Executive at Twine. She loves literature, music, film and make-up. She spends a lot of time complaining about the mismatched angles of her winged eyeliner and stalking drag queens on Instagram. Otherwise, she’s helping Joe by writing blog posts and keeping Twine’s social media running.




Becca is the Marketing Executive at Twine. She loves literature, music, film and make-up. She spends a lot of time complaining about the mismatched angles of her winged eyeliner and stalking drag queens on Instagram. Otherwise, she’s helping Joe by writing blog posts and keeping Twine’s social media running.

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