12 Realities of Being a Freelancer at Christmas

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine…And of course, an outrageous office party. But it’s all very different when you’re a freelancer at Christmas. Especially a freelancer surrounded by friends who do work 9-5…

1. When you want to go out but all your friends are at their office Christmas parties:

2. And the even worse moment when you realise those extravagant dinners they’re going on about were paid for by their companies:

(And you’re broke because it’s Christmas.)

3. When they’re SO hungover (from their all-expenses paid party):

4.When they’re excited about being off for 2 days but your break basically started when your advent calendar did:

5. When literally everyone you know messages you on Facebook asking you to design their cards ‘as a small favour’:

6. When a client messages you on Christmas Eve:

7. How you feel when you refuse to handle that ‘urgent’ email you get on Christmas morning:


8. Trying to feign excitement when someone buys you ‘The Dummy’s Guide to Graphic Design…’:

9. …which is even harder when you’re actually an illustrator.

10. Trying to keep your cool when your nosy aunt asks if “you have a job yet” in the middle of dinner.

11. But it’s all seems worth it when your friends are all heading back to the office after Christmas looking like this…:

12.  …and you’ve still got another week before the work really starts coming in.

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Becca is the Marketing Executive at Twine. She loves literature, music, film and make-up. She spends a lot of time complaining about the mismatched angles of her winged eyeliner and stalking drag queens on Instagram. Otherwise, she’s helping Joe by writing blog posts and keeping Twine’s social media running.