13 GIFs Only Freelancers Will Understand

As any freelancer will tell you, freelancing can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. And what better way to document that rollercoaster than through everyone’s favourite internet staple – GIFs?!

1. When there’s been no work for a while

Every freelancer’s suffered through dry spells where it seems no one on this celestial plane wants to hire you. It’s guaranteed to be a delightful experience. Luckily, you can always rely on your friends and family for sympathetic comments…

Gif of Bart Simpson asking: "Do you even have a job anymore?"

And best of all, you get to repeatedly explain “that’s not how freelancing works”:

Gif of Taylor Swift: "I'm stabbing you in my mind."

2. When you’re asked to do a project for “exposure”


“I’m just going to step inside this wardrobe now.”

3. When you pitch on a well-paid, interesting project


4. Then landing said project and being totally chill about it…


5. And daydreaming about all that money you will soon have


6. Until the realities of project management sink in


7. When you think you’re done but the client thinks otherwise

Because who doesn’t love revisions?

8. As you realise the deadline is nigh


It will all be fine. Just. Fine.

9. Finally finishing the work at 4:37am


10. When the payment is officially late


11. The beautiful moment when you get paid

12. This post-project response to “why do you freelance?”


13. Well…until the next dry spell hits








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