BIINDS – Deadlocked: A Live Document

We’re happy to unveil the latest EP by the stunning composers of ‘BIINDS‘ who recorded a collection of their greatest tracks live in Berlin. For those new to BIINDS, expect ambient soundscapes inspired by influences of the natural world with field recordings.

Kicking off with the opening track Mædian, we envisioned something grandiose and majestic to go with the beautiful and humble minimalism. It’s like the Sun bringing a peaceful world to light before everything bursts into life. As the strings gain momentum you feel a rising and swift energy like your exploring the entire planet. It’s a fitting introduction to the EP and indeed BIINDS but not a sound to pin them down with as they’re such an experimental and diverse group.

As their style unravels throughout the EP you find yourself interpreting in contrasting ways. While some of the added samples can have tense and intimate sensations, the long distant strings and soft keys can make it feel subtle and soothing.

The closing track of the EP, “Alpha”, is one of our favourites from the group. It’s a key driven piece that grows heavily orchestral, containing plenty of those atmospheric samples mentioned earlier. Listen to the end for a satisfying crescendo that gets each of its signature musical cogs turning at once.

Have a read of our Q&A with Nicolo Sommer, the man behind some of the vocals, keys, guitar and bass. Other members of the group include Christy Taylor (Main vocalist, gadgets, field recordings) with Jordi Kuragari (Guitar), .eM (vocals), Héloïse Lefebvre (violin) and Maxx Lucas (drums) for the live shows. There’s been plenty of collaboration along the way that influenced the name of the band, BIINDS. Adding an extra “i” onto the English word “Bind” to emphasise it takes more than an individual’s ideas in a collaboration.

What location or group of locations did you use to record the Live EP?

We recorded these songs at a small venue in Berlin called “Culture Container”, which was a very nice intimate place to record at. At this point I’d like to give a shout out to Franz Rodeck, who is the owner of the place and also a very nice guy.

With ambient music the setting is very important when performing live. Is there anything particular you like to do with the setup to add to the atmosphere of the music?

Mostly the live sound has to be perfect. If we do not sound right, there’s not much point in performing. We like to have live visuals at our concerts whenever possible and have been very blessed with different talented VJs that have assisted us and did their very own thing while we performed our songs; it’s a whole new aspect to see how other artists react to the music.

What were the major influences that brought you together to form BIINDS?

The major influence was to do something that none of us had done before and to really push ourselves as much as we can to make the best music possible.

If it could be anyone, are there any particular artists that you would love to collaborate with?

I think we’d mostly like to collaborate with Mike Patton… he’s such a diverse, multi-faceted artist and we admire him quite a lot.

The Full EP

Head over to their Clowdy profile here to listen to their entire album as well as everything else. Also follow them on Twitter or FB for updates.



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