Breaking Boundaries competition winner

We had 50 great submissions for the Breaking Boundaries competition by vocalists and music producers from over 20 countries. We are really excited to now be able to announce the winner to you.

The winner of the Breaking Boundaries competition is… *drum roll*

‘Save Me’ by Stahalamora and VC Wolf. The Mumbai based vocalist Stahalamora has been a frequent collaborator on Twine and has several Twine staff picks under her belt already. For the competition she teamed up with the Guatemalan music producer VC Wolf on this awesome atmospheric chill-step track. Make sure you check it out!

Here are some of the other awesome entries we received:

The Portland based rapper Androck, like Stahalamora, has been a Twine staff pick on a number of occasions. For the Breaking Boundaries competition he collaborated with the Danish rapper MONTI on the track “Oh My Jesus”. It features a great vintage flute sample and top notch rapping from both artists.

Korean hiphop music producer Lumen collaborated with the South Carolina based rapper King Rula on the track ‘Look Me In My Eyes’, which was realised on Lumen’s label and is available on iTunes.

Tanzanian rapper Swahili RapBoi collaborated with the Portuguese rapper Narkou and New York based vocalist Ian Sean on the track ‘Nothing but love’. The track features classic Mo Town guitar, rapping in Swahili and Portuguese and fat hip hop beats.

Thanks very much for everyone who entered and made our decision so difficult. Keep up the great work and collaborating with talented creative people all over the world!


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

Joe is the CMO at Twine.

When he’s not moaning about the state of the music industry or public transport in Manchester, he works with the Twine community and handles social media, the blog and partnerships with companies and institutions.