Bunco: a Y2K comedy from Cook St. Productions

Picture the scene. It’s December 31st, 1999 and our fragile planet is on the brink of disaster. Planes will fall from the sky, all banks and stock markets will burn to the ground, weather forecasts will become highly inaccurate and people won’t receive any of their emails. But why? One man prepares us all for the biggest panic of the last millennium. The Y2K bug.


Cook St. Productions is a comedy foursome of actors and filmmakers who have produced great sketches in their hometown of Denver for the last three years. In the same time they’ve also been reviewing latest cinema releases while contesting who’s prediction is closest to the Rotten Tomatoes score with their podcast series ‘Rotten Potatoes’. The lineup consists of Evan, Justin, Nate and Travis.

Some time down the line came the decision to further their ambition, start a kickstarter campaign, get some funds and create a big screen story. Together, with Jake Gabbay and AJ Oscarson as film crew and Sean Martin working the musical score, they’re retelling the story of cyberspace bringing humanity to its knees. And only Robert Pascal can provide the people with hope of survival. But while everyone looks to Robert for answers he finds himself asking….what if nothing happens?

To make this film a reality it’s going to need funding. They’re closing in on their Kickstarter goal with not much time left. So every single contribution counts. Find their campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cookstproductions/bunco-a-y2k-comedy/

A breakdown of where all the money will be going is shown below:

Pie Chart

To find out more about these guys head to their Clowdy profile here or their official website here. You can also read up on our previous review of their sketches here.



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