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Do you remember that moment when you first thought: “I want you”? When you didn’t really know how to approach the situation: “Should I just do it or should I think about it a little longer?”. When you felt you were holding something special and meaningful for the first time. Yes, sometimes buying your first album can be special. But not always…Here are the teams’ thoughts regarding this specific moment in their lives:

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Steven MorrowNot an album but a single: New Radicals, so originally stylised as Иew R
adicals, and their big hit ‘You only get what you give’. At age 10, I was self-aware about really getting on a band with great longevity. I think I picked well. It was that, or Lou Bega.



damien-1First album I ever went to buy, Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill. First album I was ever given: Men in Black soundtrack, God I loved Will Smith – MIB, I played it on repeat! First album I ever stole off my Dad: Tour of Duty soundtrack, Part I. I remember trying to write down all the words to “The Animals – We Gotta Get Outta this Place”. It was so hard, anyone remember the old fast forward and flip to rewind technique?


I’m not entirely certain what the first album that I purchased with my vickyown money would have been, but it certainly wasn’t anything credible, much to my embarrassment. My eleven-year-old-self had terrible taste. It would have either been Boyzone: By Request (which is a greatest hits compilation – they’ve got more than you think!), or the first Spice Girls album,  Spice. We need to do a round-up of favourite albums now so I can get some of my street cred back…


seanThe Slim Shady LP by Eminem. It was by far the first album I actually enjoyed. I think it is fair enough to say I knew all the lyrics to all the pieces of that album. I think it is also fair to say I used to rap them in my room…full volume and all.



Stuart LoganThe Great Escape, Blur. I’ve got to be totally honest, I’m not 100% sure it was this as the lines seem to blur of what I borrowed from my brother and what I actually got myself. He had a collection of about 1000 CDs, so I usually borrowed them. There is a slight chance that Spice, Spice Girls was actually the first album I thought… hmm. My music credibility has just dropped.



I grew up listening to my dad’s vinyl collection of Dylan, Cash, Elvis, The Beatles and every otherDylan Kowalczyk vinyl a dad is legally required to possess in some area of the house. So that kept me busy and distracted long enough to have waited until I was about 12 and had earned enough pocket money to buy something of my own. That year Employmentby Kaiser Chiefs came out. Not listened to it in a long while but I remember thinking it was brilliant. Mainly because I could put my CD rack to use I’d gotten the year before. Thinking back…I don’t think it’s the best album I ever bought. The lyrics are a bit simple. One of the songs is simply repeating the words, “Na Na Na Na Naa” over and over. It’s not left my CD rack yet though.


I was probably eight or nine years old, and having no pocket money, I asked my parents camilla-1
to buy me the tape of Sound Loaded, by Ricky Martin. I still have that tape (and the walkman…). The first CD I bought with my own money was either Tiziano Ferro’s 111or Michael Bublé’s It’s Time. Like Dylan, I too grew up with The Beatles and Elvis (in addition to Abba and Quartetto Cetra – an Italian Quartet), however nothing stopped me from buying CDs of Britney Spears and Blue in my adolescent years. I was twelve, please understand.


alec-1Since I became an adolescent when having all the music you could possibly want for free via file sharing was all the rage I never bought any CDs. However I distinctly remember downloading Dr Dre – 2001 as a 10 year old. When my mum got wind of the sheer profanity, violence, etc contained within (one of the interludes was titled Pause for Porno and is exactly what it sounds like) she deleted it from my computer, but I just downloaded it again and put headphones on… what an album though. These days I can basically play back the entirety of it in my head.


I started buying music when I was about 12 or 13. The first album I purchased was probably the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, on vinyl; I guess that ticks a few hipster street cred boxes.


pulkit-spriteWhen I was 10 (ish), I bought my first audio cassette.
The album Kuch Kuch Hota contained all the songs from the Bollywood hit movie, at the time, “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. Can’t quite remember what my favourite song was, but this was a great trip down memory lane.



11 years ago, I got my first walkman and the first audio cassette I super mariusbought was the DiscO-Zone album from O-Zone. My favourite song was of course “Dragostea din tei’. This is one of the greatest Romanian hits ever. I am sure everyone heard of it, but maybe nobody knew it was Romanian.


Like Marius. I was around 11 years old when I first bought O-Zonedan-1 – DiscO-Zone album. I went crazy for “Dragostea din tei”. It’s a bit of a shame that nobody listens to them today, but back then they were really popular.



Bailamos is the only song I remember from flavius-1Enrique Iglesias’ album. I really loved it. I used to play it over and over. Not sure how I got that album though…



Camilla Mazzitelli

Camilla Mazzitelli

Camilla gave up the delicious coffee, predictably pleasant weather and historic architecture of Rome to study for a marketing MSc in York. She’s since moved to Manchester to join the Clowdy team, in a role that combines her interest in social media with a love of music, films and drama.