Cavan Moran – ‘Five Simple Crimes’ EP Launch

Venue: Takk Coffee House, 6 Tariff Street, Manchester

Last Friday, 4th October, the Clowdy team took in an intimate gig with Cavan Moran for the launch of his new EP “Five Simple Crimes”. Support came in the guise of the talented Canadian artist Hannah Georgas and Manchester’s inimitable Greg Larkin. Held in the Northern Quarter’s Takk Coffee House (an Icelandic coffee house by day, atmospheric venue by night), it was perfectly suited for such an occasion, full to the brim with NQ’s most discernible music lovers.

Formerly of the Manchester folk troubadours ‘These Eyes are Cameras’, Cavan has been touring Europe carving out a path playing festivals high and low. With recent gigs in France and Germany, he returned to the more quaint surroundings of the capacity Takk Coffee House, a tad removed from the Woodlands Stage at Kendal Calling where he played earlier this year.

From the off it was obvious that Cavan isn’t just another acoustic singer/songwriter with a guitar. With his lyrics eloquently crafted like that of a storyteller, Cavan’s melodic folk infused tunes give a nod to some of Jeff Buckley’s more haunting numbers. A personal highlight from the set came from the song “Bags of Gold”, with Cavan telling us;

“It’s where I am today that makes me wish my fate would fade, and I’ll sing some helpless song and hope that that will lead the way.”

Contrary to this view, his fate seems assured as serious contender as an addition to Manchester’s elite musical heritage, and the song is anything but helpless. Listen to ‘Bags of Gold‘ now.

Cavan was joined on the night by fellow Mancunian Greg Larkin, who has for the last few years been a regular fixture in the North west, and has established himself as one of the most skilfull, innovative and imaginative guitarists around. We’d recommend catching him in action if you have a penchant for the unorthodox.

Cavan Moran, Takk Coffee House, October 4th

From across the pond came Canadian Hannah Georgas, an artist who is already beginning to firmly establish herself one of Vancouver’s most valuable musical assets having notched up a host of worthy nominations from the likes of Sirius/XM, The Juno Awards and the Polaris Music prize; amassing ‘solo artist and songwriter of the year accolades. It was easy to hear and see why. From the moment she began her set, the crowd’s attention was fixed on a performance that was befitting the recognition that’s she’s been receiving. There’s more than enough synth and hook in her sound to appease any Mancunian or New Order fan.

Cavan, Greg and Hannah’s contrasting musical styles and approaches complimented each other on the night, giving Takk Coffee House an amazing atmosphere. You’d be mad to pass up the opportunity again.

Cavan’s album is available now for digital download or alternatively get your hands on a special edition vinyl. If you can’t wait until then, you can sample Cavan’s work on Clowdy. Hannah’s album is available on the 21st of October.



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