Clowdy 2015 Retrospective

Wow, 2015 was a massive year for Clowdy and we can’t wait to let you know what’s in store in 2016! Before we make any big announcements though, we just want to take a moment to look back at all of the major achievements, features and announcements we made in the last 12 months.

In 2015 the community grew massively and there are now over 130,000 creatives from around the world who’ve uploaded over 600,000 projects and added over 700,000 credits. We made over 150 staff picks and reviewed 71 artists on the blog. We’re really proud of the community and how quickly it’s grown and hope it grows even quicker in 2016!

Early in the year we launched a new landing page and new profile design to make Clowdy look even more awesome! We slimmed down the profile tabs to just three and put the three featured artist roles at the top of the profile page next to your name so people can quickly recognize what you specialize in.


To make it even easier to get the recognition your deserve, we made credits better by allowing you to credit people in bulk. We’ve also made it possible to credit people using Twitter, in case you don’t know the email address of the person you want to credit.

Collaboration Board

We launched an amazing feature in the summer, the collaboration board.

The collaboration board lets you post requests for collaborations and message users to start working together. It has been a great success, enabling creatives to collaborate on amazing projects from all over the world. Since the collaboration board was launched we’ve had over 3000 posts from musicians, animators, graphic designers and film makers all over the world and lots of incredible projects have taken place!

Pro Membership

In 2015 we tripled the message limit for Pro members from 10 to 30 messages per month so that you can get involved in even more awesome projects. We’ve also made it possible for Pro members to put up two posts on the collaboration board. Along with all the other awesome features you get it’s never been a better time to upgrade to Pro!

Free Music Collaboration Course

In November, we introduced a free music collaboration course, to help you to become expert collaborators. The course contains daily lessons sent by email over a week, covering everything from how to present yourself online to learning your legal rights. Click here if you want to sign up for the course.

We’ll be offering other creative courses in the future. Click here if you’d be interested in courses on filmmaking, animation, graphic design or other creative disciplines.

Music Factor

The other major announcement in November was the exclusive release of the awesome documentary Music Factor, by Manchester based Director of Photography, Mike Staniforth, on Clowdy. The film follows The Mantells, an unsigned band from Manchester, who’ve been given a task to see how far they can get in the music industry in 17 weeks, the same amount of time it takes an unknown X-Factor contestant to go from a nobody to international fame. It’s now been viewed over 3500 times!

Clowdy Christmas Competition

In December we launched Christmas competition and had great submissions from artists all over the world in many different styles and types of creative work. The winner was ‘All I want for Christmas (is you)’ by Lovers Electric, a very talented duo from Adelaide who filmed the video in Berlin. The music video features the pair singing whilst cooking breakfast and strutting their stuff wearing awesome costumes.

Well, that’s all for 2015! Make sure you keep an eye on our newsletter and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the big announcements in 2016.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

Joe is the CMO at Twine.

When he’s not moaning about the state of the music industry or public transport in Manchester, he works with the Twine community and handles social media, the blog and partnerships with companies and institutions.