Clowdy Sessions

Last month saw our first ever ‘Clowdy Sessions’ event take place live in Manchester at MOJOs bar. Huge thanks goes to Hourglass Productions for recording the entire event, providing an intimate and atmospheric close look at each track. Further credit goes to Michael Barrow for his perfect snapshots of each of the artists in action.

Of course, we’d also like to direct our gratitude to the 4 talented musicians who took part on the day. Sobi, Liam McClair, Caitlin Gilligan and Andy Adams who hasn’t currently released any of his work online!

We’ll be releasing every recorded track and interview with each of the artists over time rather than indulging you with them all at once. However you can take a look at our post on Sobi at Clowdy Sessions which is already up and listen to her 3 amazing tracks from her latest EP “Creatures in my mind”.

Sobi has been developing her music from an early age and draws alot of her lyrics and styles from personal experiences in her life. She wrote her first EP in 2012 called ‘Betty La Guapa’ in a homemade studio. Each track from that album can be found on her Clowdy profile page. You can listen to the tracks from her second album “Creatures in my mind” on our Clowdy Music page where we’ve posted the Session recordings.

“I’ve really enjoyed being in Manchester and found that it’s been much easier here to get my music out with loads of places that are willing to give new artists a shot”.

We had our talent scout Pete on the job of interviewing each of the artists at Clowdy Sessions. Find out what Sobi had to say in her interview below:

full transcript below:

Pete: Hey Sobi, how you doing, you okay?
Sobi: Hi, I’m good thanks.
Pete: Welcome to Mojos Manchester for Clowdy Sessions, how you feeling?
Sobi: Very well! I’m very excited to be filming.
Pete: Excellent, thanks very much for coming down. We’ve obviously got you on Clowdy now with some great tracks on there, for people who don’t know alot about yourself and your music could you just give us a bit of an insight into that?
Sobi: I’m a singer-songwriter from London but I’ve been in Manchester for the last couple of years. It’s kind of hard to describe my music, it sounds really generic when I say but it’s a folkie, kind of acoustic style.
Pete: Cool, and how do you compare the 2 cities? Obviously, you spent most of your life in London, as a musical city, is there much comparison you can draw between Manchester and London?
Sobi: I love London but it’s very big, so I’ve really enjoyed being in Manchester and found that it’s been much easier here to get my music out with loads of places that are willing to give new artists a shot with gigs and things. But I like London too and I like the gigs that I’ve played there as well.
Pete: Brilliant, and so when you’re in Manchester and you’re gigging, I imagine you do a couple a week or so, where is it you normally play?
Sobi: There’s a few open mic nights that I go to regularly, there’s one at the Whiskey Jar which is great and really great quality of musicians and a few acoustic nights. There’s a place called The Bay Horse and they do really great acoustic nights there as well.
Pete: Okay excellent, so you’ve got some music on Clowdy, tell us about the EP you released previously and what you’ve got coming up.
Sobi: I released an EP a couple of years ago called Betty La Guapa, which was just something I decided to do on a whim really, I just recorded it at my friends house and thought, just release it and see what people think, and it went down really well. Those tracks are quite old now so I decided to do another one and take a bit more time over it, so I’ve been recording a new EP with Hourglass Productions and that’s going to be out in April.
Pete: Excellent and what can we hear from you today? Is it a mixture of the 2?
Sobi: Erm, probably songs from my new EP.
Pete: Good stuff! Well I’m really excited to hear you. I’ve obviously heard alot of your stuff recorded, I’ve not seen you live as of yet so I’m really excited about that, so should we get you started?
Sobi: Yeah!



Dylan has now been involved with Clowdy for over a year as an integral part of the creative and marketing team. In his spare time he gives the rest of the office an intense inferiority complex by being a jazz pianist, mathematically proven to be the coolest possible hobby.