Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists in 2014 – C is for…

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Here are some of the new bands in 2014 that are winning a place on our playlist. On to the Cs…

Colour Me Wednesday

In an apolitical musical landscape it’s easy to cling on to anything remotely committed as a potential life-raft; even signed-up member of the Dorset gentry Billy Bragg can be a breath of fresh air. So Colour Me Wednesday come as a welcome surprise, combining classic indie jangle-pop with sharp observations about misogyny, Tories and cats.

Don’t expect Mos Def – more like Josie Long with an amp – but this four-piece are an instantly likeable proposition, steadfastly winning over live crowds across the UK this summer in support of their new album I Thought It Was Morning.

Follow them on Twitter here.

Coquin Migale

Coquin Migale (their name may or may not be Old French for roast chicken) make the kind of erudite, brainy rock that the UK is beginning to specialise in. However, songs like Icarus aren’t just an empty exercise in technique, with a genuine energy emanating from the band throughout.

Having just got a second EP under their belt, we’re expecting big things from the Northumbria four-piece over the coming six months. Maybe they’ll even explain what their name’s all about.

Follow them on Twitter here.


London-based multi-instrumentalist Cajita has been around for a while, producing music for television and the theatre as well as releasing his own idiosyncratic sounds. But his 2013 album, Tiny Ghosts, arguably represents the most effective crystallization of his multi-layered approach to date.

With gigs taking place across Europe and the UK this year, you’ll get plenty of chances to check out his live show in the coming months.

Follow him on Twitter here.



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