Clowdy’s A-Z of new bands in 2014 – D is for…

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Here are some of the new bands in 2014 that are winning a place on our playlist. On to the Ds…

Dear Pariah

The British folk scene has enjoyed a remarkable resurgence in recent years, partly driven by the mainstream success of Mumford and Sons, and partly by the more unexpected work being done on the margins by artists like Dear Pariah.

With a soaring voice and a tendency to dabble in the darker reaches of the heart, this young singer-songwriter looks set to transcend her influences and could be one of 2014’s breakthrough acts.

David Hirst

David Hirst’s gruff vocals and guitar style are reminiscent of the wave of singer-songwriters that emerged from the north of England a few years ago, with Liam Frost and Stephen Fretwell two of the names that come to mind.

However, Hirst makes the genre his own with heartfelt lyrics and an obvious passion for his craft. He is continuing to hone his live set around Liverpool and elsewhere, and is well worth checking out.

Follow him on Twitter here.

Daniel Patrick Quinn

With song titles like Socratic Linedancing and Cornwall in Java, listeners should listen to Daniel Patrick Quinn’s latest album well aware that they’re in for something unusual. Quinn also fronts experimental rock group One More Grain and appears to have a distaste for conventionality comparable to instinctive mavericks like Mark E Smith and Nigel Blackwell.

After a hiatus spent in Jakarta and elsewhere, it seems that the man once described by Stewart Lee as “our best bet for a next-generation British cult figure likely to continue surprising us in 10, even 20, years” still has plenty up his sleeve.

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Fearghus Roulston

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